Rig Bags…..at last

So we are a little (?!!?) behind the curve with this and after a couple of false starts we’ve got the recipe just right and can offer you guys the fruits of our labour!!


DF65 rig bags, about bloomin’ time!

We’ll be manufacturing in batches and there will be three colours available, blue, black and silver with this initial batch being blue.

Each bag has three spacious pockets and a Velcro closure at the end with some nice trim around the edge. The picture above shows an empty bag (L) and a bag with three rigs in it.

The first batch of bags is ready for you to buy on the shop which can be found at www.sochsails.online

I imagine we’ll be following it up with a DF95 rig bag quite soon, we’ll have some more info about our DF95 goodies very very soon so stay tuned. Meantime here’s another picture.


Three rigs, three pockets, handy!

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