DF95 Sticker Sets Under Development & Rig Bag News

So we took our DF95 racing yesterday to West Lancs YC where there were 4 other DF95s on the racecourse. All the boats were stock apart from John Tushingham who had a set of custom sails and our own boat which had a set of our hull stickers applied.


DF95 Hull Sticker Set

We think you’ll agree that the hull sticker looks great and just like our DF65 sticker sets it allows you to make your DF racing yacht stand out from the crowd.


DF95 Hull Sticker Set Aft View

We are currently working on a deck sticker solution and we will have the answer in a day or two I imagine. Our current thinking is that we will produce a half length deck sticker then a matching hatch patch and an aft deck sticker with an aft deck well sticker. As soon as we have it sorted we’ll be sure to let you know!

In other news we have done some testing on our DF95 rig bag and we are happy that it ticks all the boxes and is more than suitable for four DF95 rigs with a little room to spare. Full scale production will begin this week and availability will be from early next week, if you want one please get an order in via the shop. Our DF65 rig bags are flying out and we will be on to our second batch of bags shortly.

Visit the shop here.

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