Busy & Exciting Times

A new working week got off to a belting start today with a flurry of orders dropping into our inbox. Our working week is being condensed into two days this week and whilst we’ll do our best to get your orders out before Wednesday morning we may not get through all of them, particularly the orders involving sail manufacture.

The reason for the condensed week is that we are setting off to the Nuremberg Toy Fair on Wednesday morning. We are making a stop in Kent for two nights and flying out on Friday morning, visiting the fair on Saturday and returning on Sunday. We are being privileged enough to go to the fair to see the world launch of the DF95 which we think is pretty cool and worth a few days off for.

DF95 West Lancs

DF95 Prototype oo3 at West Lancs YC

It’s also my birthday on Saturday and if last time is anything to go by we’ll be having a drink or two…or three. I’m looking forward to turning 21.

We will be back in the workshop on Tuesday morning, 2nd February and all orders that are not fulfilled before we leave will be sorted by the end of next week, probably before.

If you need us in a hurry then please email us and we will be collecting those and dealing with them whilst we are out of the office.

So just to recap, we are closed for production between 27th Jan and 2nd Feb but then we’ll crank up the machine again and get orders away.

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