Lots to talk about

So we’ve been very busy since we last posted. The back end of last month saw Tim and the DF65 crew take a trip to the Nuremberg toy fair for some meetings with Ripmax and Joysway which were fitted into a very busy drinking schedule as it was Tim’s birthday weekend.  John, Mark and Mike kept up well but ultimately they were outclassed by Tim’s ability to consume vast quantities of alcohol, the odd kebab and still find his way back to the hotel at 4am. I’m pretty sure my parents would be proud!!


They tried hard, bless them!

A 4am trip back from Kent saw us sat in the office by 10am sifting through a pile of orders which are now all completed and away to customers worldwide including customers in Australia, Germany, Turkey and the USA.

We seem to have developed quite a following in the USA and this weekend just gone saw the US Winter Nationals where several suits of our sails and several of our sticker sets were in use. We were really quite pleased when we saw the result which had our sails placed in the top spot. We were even more stoked to see our sails also placed second and third as well, a clean sweep for Soch Sails powered boats. What’s interesting is that all three boats also has one of our sticker sets onboard so they looked great and went fast. Congratulations to Baron, Tony and Graham on a great regatta.

Tim was also involved in the first race for the DF95 before travelling out to Germany, in fact he was pleased to have placed third in the first race. We will of course be retailing the DF95 and can confirm that the first boats are on their way to the UK and should land towards the beginning of March. We will be offering more information about availability and cost during this week. If you’d like to pre order a DF95 then please take a look here DF95 pre order

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