Good Work Batman!

Well we took a 300 mile round trip yesterday to get some more racing done in the West Lancs Winter series.  Much fun was had by all 15 skippers that took part.  B rig conditions were the order of the day and we had two of our boats on the water, GBR795 was lent out to a skipper who hadn’t fixed his boat in time for the event and I raced GBR899.


899 looking…green! Photo Tony McK

899 was only finished 12 hours before hitting the water and after an initial bit of tuning we hit the sweet spot and picked up a 1st , three seconds and three third places which we were pleased with and we were happy to finish the day in 3rd place overall.  795 won the first race too which was nice!


795 on the breeze. Photo Tony McK

We also took some final measurements for our tuning guide which we have been writing for a week or two now.  It has been QC’d by DF65 National Champ John Tushingham who was happy that it gets a newly built boat to a good base tune which then allows some experimentation by the skipper to tweak the rig to suit the skippers sailing style.

Like our rig building guide it has been written in a simple and easy to understand manner.  All you’ll need is a tape measure and a cup of tea. Check it out here Soch Sails DF65 Tuning Manual V1.3


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