Back to work with a bang!

Well this morning went well, some admin to do for the Boatyard arm of the business saw me lock myself out of not one but two of my bank accounts.  That sorted I set about getting a whole heap of orders out to you guys only to spend an hour in the post office waiting for the power to come back on after it tripped out after dealing with 3 of the 15 parcels.  The scales then refused to fire up so I then had to drive 9 miles to the “other” post office to complete the sending.  Anyhow all the parcels below are on their way to the UK, Sweden, Australia and the USA.


There are some sails to make to complete a few other orders and these will be on their way before the end of this week.

Our new half length hull and deck stickers are proving popular pimping items for your DF65’s and it has caused us to do a little updating on our full length sticker sets too.

The transom well sticker transfers nicely onto the full length set and we have modified the forward and aft ends of the deck sticker as well as the aft end of the hull sticker to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  All of our DF65 full length sticker sets will now come with the transom well sticker as standard and more importantly at no extra cost!

See if you can spot the differences below!

IMG_0502 IMG_0503

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