Happy New Product!

Since we launched our full length hull and deck sticker sets in 2015 we have sold a great many of them but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We’ve been contacted on a number of occasions asking if we offer a less “faffy” sticker set. Up until this afternoon the answer has sadly been no.

However whilst you guys and girls are getting tarted up for NYE celebrations the Christmas elves have been hard at work (on double time and tots of rum of course!) and have produced another great product to add to the Soch Sails shop.


Looks nice!

The new sticker sets comprise of six easy to apply decals. There is a half length deck sticker, three transom stickers and two half(ish) length hull stickers that have been designed to blend in with the original aft kit decal. As you can see from the photos they give the boat a great look without the need to remove all the original decals and being somewhat shorter than the full length stickers they don’t get stuck to everything other than the boat!!

IMG_0490Deck stickers


Hull Sticker

As with all our other Soch Sails hull & deck sticker sets these new ones are available in a myriad of colours and you can even have your sail number cut into the deck sticker. Unfortunately there isn’t really enough room on the hull sticker to put a decent sized graphic on so we have not offered it as an option.

Available in the shop right now!

We’ll be back to work on Saturday for a day then off to West Lancs YC for the first of the Winter series on Sunday then back into it properly on Monday morning. Any orders placed over the Christmas period will be dealt with and shipped by the end of next week. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you, we’re just having a bit of chilled out downtime with the Soch Sails family!

Best wishes from all of us for 2016, may your sails be full and your course be true!


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