You’ve got to love a new shed!

So it’s been a year now since we started playing around with some bits of drafting film and in that time we have gone from working on the kitchen table, (fun but interesting at mealtimes), to working in the conservatory where we have been producing DF65 sails and other cool bits and bobs for DF65’s since April.

Recently we opened our online shop which is proving to be very popular with customers old and new from all over the globe and we have found ourselves needing a bit more space to produce sails for DF65’s and other classes too as well as more space to run the admin side of both Soch Sails and our Boatyard business.

When we moved into our current house more than four years ago we were lucky enough to have a one bedroom chalet in the back garden.  It was somewhat run down and we have re roofed it for the coming winter and given the interior a lick of paint and a new carpet and hey presto we now have a new production facility and admin centre. A super swish title but Phobe prefers to call it Daddy’s Treehouse!

Rather than trying to build sails and do admin in the same space we now have two separate rooms. The production room has a good sized table that will allow us to work smarter and conduct some R&D on sails for other classes over the winter months whilst still allowing us to produce and expand our range of DF65 bits and bobs.


Room with a brew……

So, as ever, if you need anything for your DF65 or RC Laser please get in touch and we’ll get you sorted.

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