Windy weather testing.

I have to confess that on Sunday I had to finally give in and I wore trousers to go sailing. It was blowing 45knts plus with some stingy needle rain too. When I put the boat in the pictures together for an event earlier in the year it wouldn’t steer properly and I haven’t had time to look at it since. I’m off to The Netherlands this weekend to do some racing and fancied using Pinky again so took a look at the problem which was an easy fix in the end, always good news!


Pinky in a blow

Having put some old sails on a new rig and having not tried Pinky in any sort of weather, I wanted to make sure that the whole lot worked and the boat was watertight. So off to the marina at low tide for some fun. I managed around an hour before bits of me started going numb and it got dark but in that time I gave the boat and rig some abuse that it wouldn’t usually get with gusts of 50knts plus.


Pinky the submarine!

Having returned home and washed the salt off the boat and put the rig to dry I opened up the battery patch to find that the kitchen towel I had put in the boat was completely dry, not bad considering the extreme test that it had just been through.

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