What an Event!

So it’s now nearly Friday again and I’ve almost recovered from what can only be described as the most amusing and social regatta that I have attended, period.


Holibobs time!

From arriving at Heathrow at 5am last Thursday to arriving home on Tuesday I’m not sure that I stopped laughing the whole time. Four GBR skippers made the trip out to Dallas, myself, Ken Binks, Nigel Brown and DF65 designer Mark Dicks, we were met at the airport in Dallas by Regatta organiser Chuck LaMahieu who acted as our driver and guide for the weekend.  He had a lot on his shoulders going into the weekend with the weather being anything but nice to him the whole time and some of his race team pulling out at the last minute.


Practice Race

Friday practice was fun with the wind giving skippers a chance to try out all three rigs in the great conditions off the CYC jetties. Some food and drink later and Saturday morning rolled around and after the overnight rain the lake had risen by around 2 feet from Friday meaning that racing was postponed until midday. Even with the delay we got 7 races in which saw all the GBR skippers taking a bullet and we ended the day with Mark in 2nd, Tim & Nigel in 8th and 9th and Ken in an unusual 11th after a somewhat frustrating afternoon.


Soggy foot Saturday

More social and banter on Saturday evening along with some great raffle prize giveaways (including some Soch Sails items!) gave way to Sunday. The wind had decided to become lighter and less reliable than Saturday which caused some problems for me as I bounced between A and B fleets to finish the regatta in 13th of 34 skippers, which I was quite pleased with. Ken finished in 14th, Nigel in 11th and Mark won a trophy for finishing 3rd having sailed a really consistent regatta.

Congratulations to Brig North who won the regatta and also to Mark Golison who placed second in his first DF65 event.


Team GBR plus Chuck

A long way to go for some less than spectacular conditions but if I was invited to the location again, I’d be there in a flash, it seems that we were just unlucky with the weather……no one’s fault just the luck of the draw. The local skippers were an awesome bunch who had travelled from all over the USA and it was a great pleasure to meet so many of them, talk with them, sail with them and share a drink or two with them.


A pretty stoked Alex with his new boat

At the end of the regatta I gave my boat and rigs away to a newcomer who had shown promise over the weekend with a badly built borrowed boat. Alex will do well with the boat and has already encouraged 4 new skippers to join the Dallas fleet.

Well done to Chuck for keeping he thing on track when it could easily have fallen off. You deserve a medal, not only for the regatta and hospitality but also looking after team GBR, especially me!

It has taken a day or two to catch up with the admin but we will be cracking on with some sail making tomorrow and should be bang up to date by Monday.

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