Incoming stock, delayed production.

Lots of this stuff incoming!

So, nose well and truly pressed against the grindstone for the majority of January, thanks for all your orders, I’m processing them as quick as I can for you.

I’ve had good news from our RC Laser suppliers who have eventually had a container arrive with them. It’s now unpacked and our order is being picked and shipped this week. This should see us restocked with new RC Lasers and many of the spares we have been out of for the past few months. Our Hitec supplier has also had a delivery and we will be restocked with RC Laser winches and rudder servos by midweek.

As with all things recently some of the items we are restocking will have an increased price tag due to the increased cost of shipping over the last 24 months. I’ve tried hard to keep the increases to a minimum but they are unfortunately unavoidable.

So, lots of RC Laser goodies incoming over the next few weeks.

We’ve also had a few DF rig bags to pop into stock as well as our ever popular transmitter covers to keep your hands warm, one blue, several black, all pretty cool! Get them while you can.

I’m also going to need to delay sail production for a week from today due to an outstanding trade sail order for 50 or so suits of sails. I’ve been waiting for white insignia cloth which is due today so I need to press my nose to the grindstone a little more to get this big order sorted and out the door as fast as my chubby fingers will allow. I’m sure that I’ll be able to fit a couple of orders in each day but be aware that the lead time for manufacture and shipping will be a little extended over the next week and a half.

Other than that I hope you’re all well and looking forward to some racing this year. The shop is open 247 to take your order.

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