Nose to the Grindstone

IOM sails ready to finish.

This morning was a bit of a shock to the system, it was dark, grey and bleak when I hauled myself out of bed at 0715. It was the first day back in the workshop and time to clear some of the 72 orders that have dropped into the inbox since I finished for Christmas some weeks ago.

Heater on, music cranked up and I managed to assemble, pack and ship 44 of those orders today which is a good day’s work.

Home, dinner and a little bit of family time and I’m out in the Soch Sails HQ in the back garden and once again the heater is on, the music is cranked and I’ve picked another few orders from “home” stock and finished four suits of IOM sails which make up another two orders.

Tomorrow should see another 10 or so orders out the door and away to their destinations around the world.

Whilst I really do enjoy what I do it really isn’t as much fun as spending time with Emily and Phoebe so I’m having Friday off to go and explore Parys Mountain on Anglesey which in it’s day was the biggest copper mine in Europe.

Heading into next week we should see most of our post Christmas sail orders manufactured and shipped.

I’m hoping to have some positive news about new RC Lasers, if you’re interested in one please drop me a line.

As ever the shop is open 247 for you to browse and place an order for a suit of sails, a DF rig kit, a set of our ever popular hull sticker kits or whatever else you might need.

Catch you pondside soon.

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