As you’re no doubt aware I’ve spent the last two months by the side of many ponds, chatting to many friends that I’ve not seen for a while. There has also been some racing. There may also have been some drinking involved, I don’t fully remember.

This has been interspersed with short but very busy weeks at work making sure that I get as many orders fulfilled and shipped out as I can.

In turn this has left very little time for family interaction and it’s time to sort that out.

So, as of tomorrow evening (Thursday) we are off on holiday for a week on a boat, in and around Milton Keynes on the Grand Union canal. Sounds odd and perhaps it’s not quite what I’d have chosen but I’m doing a favour for a friend who can’t make it due to a set of truly rubbish circumstances. Myself, Emily and Phoebe will report back to the office and school on the 8th November.

Next weeks home from home.

I’m trying hard to get as many orders away tomorrow as I can but if you haven’t had a shipping confirmation by this time tomorrow then I’m sorry but your order won’t be looked at until I get back.

As ever the shop will be open whilst we’re away but please be aware that the order won’t be looked at until we get back.

Thanks for your understanding, it’s never a good time to get away but sometimes you’ve got to get on with it….so we are!

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