Into another race weekend we go!


Eastbourne was a hoot, three nights of fun filled tales from around the UK with some great mates once again. Sailing wise I did ok, third with the DF65 on Saturday and fourth with the DF95 on Sunday followed by another epic drive through the mountains on the way home, I”ll have to try and time lapse a video of it, the roads are truly stunning to drive.

So I’ve done a week and a half at work and have very nearly gotten on top of my order list having shipped 64 orders including more than 40 suits of sails around the globe. I have some IOM sails to manufacture early next week after another weekend of racing. This time we leave early Thursday for Askern for some DF65 racing followed by the Northern District AGM, then we head South to Milk & Beans (Milton Keynes) for some food and refreshment. Friday might be a practice day for the weekend’s IOM ranking events which will be fun.

Today’s post run

Once we’ve returned from there we only have one further weekend away which is a DF Racing TT at Southport in mid November, then it’ll be a few weekend day trips over the winter months before the racing calendar kicks off for 2022.

Work wise the big boatyard is coming to it’s season end at the end of October, next week is our last week of launching for the 2021 season and then it’ll be servicing and winterisations followed by storage for the boats. Soch Sails is still firing on all cylinders, perhaps I thought we might have a slow month or two but we seem to be powering on making our sails and accessories for radio sailing yachts and shipping it all over the world.

I feel that the RC Laser boat supply issues will not be sorted until Christmas but hopefully we can get restocked with some parts and sails in the next week or two which will be really helpful. As with most supply issues this year it’s no ones fault, it is just the way that the cookie has crumbled. Our commitment to the RC Laser doesn’t change, it was the boat that got me into radio sailing and still has solid fleets based around the UK and we need to continue to support them now and in the future as well as encouraging new fleets and individuals to get involved in the class.

We’ll keep you updated on RC Laser stock as we get news.

We have obviously had a busy 8 weeks of racing and the short work weeks have left us a little understocked on DF rig kits, both 65 and 95. This will be rectified on Monday with an order for lots of rigs going in and we should be restocked by mid week.

Other than that we are no longer able to produce Carib blue transmitter covers as our supplier has discontinued the colour. Not to worry, we have another blue coming on stream in the next few weeks. We will also be restocking our ever popular rig bags for DF65 and 95. Mike Weston at RC Yachts has had all of our available stock over recent months which is why we haven’t had any ourselves.

The shop is always open 247 to take an order from you and we’ll get that out to you as soon as we can. Shipping times seem to be somewhere normal, 10 days or so to AUS and NZL, two to three weeks to USA and anything in between to other locations. UK shipping is usually 24 – 48 hours from leaving us.


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