Well, another epic weekend of racing and social but boy, after four weekends pretty much on the trot I am one tired bunny. Add to that I picked up my daughters cold before heading off last weekend it made both the sailing and the social much tougher than it should have been.

My weekend didn’t go to plan really, only one good A fleet finish with a third and not much else to report. Didn’t achieve my goal of a top 15 finish by one spot but I think I’ll take it as the sailing was tough, and I mean tough. Friday saw some properly honking conditions that tested everyone’s ability to hang on to a C rig. Saturday was light and shifty, that tested everyone’s ability not to throw transmitters in the pond. Sunday was a bit of a lottery and it was a lake of two halves with steadyish breeze at the top and something that could never quite make it’s mind up at the bottom. Add in a washing machine spin cycle about a third of the way up which would never be quite in the same spot and would either lift you to heaven or head you to hell and you’ve got a measure of Sunday’s conditions….all in A rig.

To say we were tested is an understatement. The race team did a grand job of offering us good courses to sail. They were tested just as we were.

Big seagulls in Fleetwood

I’ve come back to a healthy inbox of orders that I’ll work through this week and I should ship most of them on Thursday.

On a less positive note the RC Laser situation doesn’t look like it will be resolved before Christmas. Our supplier informed us that the container he was due to receive mid July hasn’t yet been loaded in China. This is a frustrating situation for us as we’ve already missed a good chunk of boat sales recently and we will miss many more over the next few months. I have asked for an up to date stock list from them so we may be able to at least restock on sails and parts where available.

And that’s about it really, I only have three events planned for the next two months so it’ll give me plenty of time to catch up with boatyard stuff as well as Soch Sails stuff.

As usual the shop is open 247 to take your orders and I’ll crack on and get them built as soon as I’m able to. Sail fast folks.

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