Production Update

Ok, so here in the UK we have had the hottest week for some time. Whilst in terms of some locations the temperature is about average it’s been roasting here with daytime temperatures in the workshop often being 35, 37 degrees c over the last week. Add to that no one in the UK owns any AC (unless it’s in their car) and most of the UK has just melted.

As such I’ve not been able to achieve an awful lot so if you’ve placed an order this week and you haven’t had a shipping notification then your order is being manufactured over the next few….hopefully cooler, days.

Our RC Laser shipment has now reached Coventry on it’s monumentally slow journey to us, I hope it’ll be only a couple of days now before it actually reaches us and we can restock most items and fulfill outstanding RC Laser orders.

In the meantime we are now also into school holiday season and the big boatyard is firing on all cylinders as well so I’m currently working 12 – 14 hour days to keep up. If our usually prompt fulfillment times slip a little bit over the next six weeks this is the reason why and I hope you understand.

Thanks for your continued support of Soch Sails, the shop is, as always, open to take your order.

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