Plodding on nicely

Afternoon folks, so we’ve been stabbed in the arm twice and are enjoying being able to go to the pub a bit more which is all really nice. We are also rather busy producing sails and accessories for DF65 and DF95 yachts as well as sails for IOM yachts here in the UK and worldwide. So far this month we have manufactured and shipped over 80 orders and are pretty much back up to date which means our lead times are back to a couple of days rather than a week or more as we were at the front end of this month.

Whilst all of our DF Racing yacht products are hand made here at HQ to order and can be produced at the drop of a hat we have had some supply issues with the RC Laser side of the business. Some shortages with our suppliers , combined with shipping complications have left us without a few key items, such as sails, which are quite important. We’ve had word this morning that our order is being shipped which contains most of the out of stock items for us and that should be with us within a week to ten days. When it arrives we’ll restock the shop but in the meantime please accept our apologies for being out of some items.

I have also managed to go sailing (only once) during the last month, a trip to Weecher with the IOM Vision to see what I’d remembered having not sailed for around a month due to work pressures. There were visitors from Fleetwood and I was pleased with a third spot finish in the 14 strong field. Hopefully I’m heading to Fleetwood on Sunday for more IOM sailing and a bit of practice at the venue before the UK Nationals in August. I’m also looking forward to seeing most of the DF Racing regulars at Weecher on the 24th – 25th July for our first TT meeting in 18 months.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve been busy making sails and stuff and we have restocked our good friends at RC Yachts with lots of sails and goodies so if you need it in a super rush get in touch with them and they’ll have it for you. We have also restocked on DF rig kits so if you want a suit of sails and a rig to hang them on we can do that for you too. We’ve also shipped a hefty sticker order to a new fleet in the USA who wanted a multitude of different colours for their new yachts.

Shipping news is pretty good on the whole with most items making it to their destinations around the world without issue. Some locations in the US are still taking longer than we’d like them to but they are, in the main, making it through. We’ve had a few good runs out to Australia and NZ recently with 8-10 days being our best effort. Most European destinations are good too, however Sweden is proving a real issue currently and for reasons unknown we’ve had three or four parcels returned without explanation which is a little frustrating both for us and our customers.

So, in summary, lead times back to normal, shipping mainly good, some RC Laser shortages which will be sorted soon and smiles all round. The shop is open 247 to take your order and as always if you can’t see it how you want it just give us a shout and we’ll make it happen.

Please find a small selection of the sails we have made in June posted below.

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