Short Delay

Current office

So, May as a whole has been one of the busiest months on record for me here at Soch Sails. We’ve taken and shipped over 130 orders for everything from an RC Laser switch to full hits of IOM sails.

Running alongside Soch Sails I also run a full size boatyard which, owing to the great weather and the easing of lockdown, has become extremely busy. Add to this the half term break and some hefty trade orders (80plus suits of sails) and we have the perfect storm.

I’m trying ever so hard to get orders manufactured and shipped in good time but the combination of many 12-14 hour days making sails and running the boatyard is proving tricky.

Our usual swift shipping times are taking a bit of a hit and we are running little behind. Rest assured I’ll be back on it next week but currently we are perhaps a week behind. Sails are being manufactured but at a much slower rate than usual.

Apologies for this but Soch Sails is essentially me on my own, I don’t have a team of people helping me out so every now and again I fall behind, this is one of those times.

Keep ordering, I’ll get you sorted as quick as I can.



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