So I blinked and the boatyard has gone from zero to a million miles an hour in about two weeks. The lads are back, tractors are running boats to the water and back, boats are being fixed, cleaned and made ready for the season and the village has a lot of people in it.

The view from my workshop has changed massively, from an empty yard to a busy bustling scene with happy customers asking how we’ve been and how we are, conversations that should have taken place months ago.

Soch Sails has been just as busy as the yard and June saw us have our busiest month since records began! July is shaping up to be nearly as busy with lots of three and four DF65 and DF95 suit orders coming through the door along with lots of sticker sets, rig bags and accessory orders being shipped around the globe.

Shipping times are still very varied around the world. Europe can be three weeks, USA can be six, but on the flip side ten days and two weeks is also a possibility for these two locations. We’ve also seen a couple of orders returned to us after not being delivered due to carding issues with overseas postal services. With this in mind if you place an overseas order with us you’ll now get a dedicated mail from us with your tracking details on it. Keep an eye on it and you shouldn’t miss your delivery.

I’d love to say we’ve had time to put some new products online but alas time has been in very short supply recently and as a consequence our usual very prompt turnaround on orders is now down to just…..well, prompt. Sail orders are currently running at a week or less with RC Laser stuff being shipped same day if we can.

If I don’t answer a mail in short order it’s not because I don’t love you it’s because I’m trying hard to look after two really quite busy businesses. Luckily there’s no prospect of any racing for me anytime soon so I’m in the workshop six or seven days a week so feel free to call if you have any questions.

Stock wise we have good supply of all RC Laser items, from boats to sails, winches, servos and all the little bits too. Hopefully over the next week or so I can find time to add a couple of new parts to allow us to supply everything you could ever want or need for your RC Laser.

Accessories are usually in stock, we are running low on rig bags but should get some more in manufacture over the next week or so.

So, as usual if there is anything you need then please pop an order through the shop and we’ll get it out to you. If there is something that you want but don’t see listed then please give us a call and we’ll do our best to help out.

In the meantime please find some of our recent work below.

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