Operation Cake Relocate a Success

Hurrah, we’ve done it! We have just completed our first full week of production in the new HQ and we are really pleased with the results of our efforts to make what we do a little bit easier and more efficient.

We left the story with the deck nearly complete and the container ready to drop on top of the deck. By Monday afternoon we had completed the deck and added supports around the outside and gave our good mate and local digger driver Fritz a call and he duly arrived ten minutes later at a million miles an hour, he really is a great guy to know!  So with forks that were slightly too short and a digger that was slightly too small we had a go at lifting container onto boat. It took all of five minutes with minimum of fuss, in fact it took longer to make sure we were happy that the container was sat square on the deck than it did to do anything else.


It’ll be fine…..


And it was!

So just one week, give or take ten minutes, after we removed the old HQ we had replaced it with a shiny new one giving us oodles of extra space to work in. Tuesday saw bench production take place which is a really personal thing and I think we’ve got it spot on this time having learned a few valuable lessons from the last few benches we have built and by close of play on Wednesday we were pretty much ready for a day of production.

So by Thursday afternoon we had made our first sails, cut our first sticker sets and left for a weekend of racing with a big smile on our face.


Ready to work.

The weekend was spent stood by Coalhouse Fort lake in blizzard conditions racing DF65 and DF95. Positive results from the 600 mile round trip with a third place on Saturday followed by a second spot on Sunday. These two results now see me leading the DF Racing TT series, only by a point and it’s still early season but I’ll take that thank you very much!


Reasonably chilly at Coalhouse – Photo Nigel Brown.

Back to it on Monday and we’ve chewed through all our outstanding orders and have now packed the van up for a weekend of IOM racing at Lincoln RYC which is sure to be amusing I’m sure.

So we’ll arrive back at base on Monday and we’ll be into our run up to Easter and although production will continue all through the Easter period there will be no posting between last thing Thursday and first thing Tuesday due to holidays. So if you need any DF sails, sticker sets, rigs, rig bags or RC Laser bits then please head over to the shop www.sochsails.online and take a look at what we have to offer.

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we got the office swap sorted, hopefully this one will be big enough to see us through the next few years. Below are some of the sails we’ve made in the new facility.


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