Operation Cake Relocate Update

Well we’ve reached the end of week one of our crazy office swap plan which will see our useable production space almost doubled along with the addition of a dedicated office area with desk and everything!

After our move out on Monday we spent Tuesday laying out and measuring the area for the new deck. We measured about five times in all and are pretty confident that our new office will fit on the deck like a glove.

So Wednesday saw a productive day right from the get go with the new office arriving a few days ahead of schedule at 6am and the new deck taking shape on the boat. By the end of the day we had a functioning office area and had moved almost all of the furniture from the old cabin into the new one.

Thursday proved to be frustrating with an overnight dump of snow putting the stoppers on any progress on the deck but I managed a super productive stint in the new office catching up on lots of ‘real’ Boatyard admin.

Today, Friday, has seen another great day on the deck which is now almost complete and I have spent some time contemplating how to build and fix my new production tables in place, a nice thing to be thinking about. We also waved goodbye to our old HQ which we gave away to a local business as an office. Sad to see it leave really but as ever it’s onwards and upwards!

Goodbye old friend!

All stop now until Monday when we should see the finished deck ready to accept the new Soch Sails Global HQ then we can beetle on for the rest of the week and get ourselves back into some sort of order with a view to getting production underway once more. The weather might yet have a say in the final timescale of it all but we’ve certainly had a busy week with some really useful help on the job.

As you can imagine we have had no production at all this last week, we had hoped to be able to ship stickers from stock but this just hasn’t happened unfortunately and it will be mid to late next week before we ship any of our current orders.

Anyhow here are some photos of the progress so far.

Naked boat, it’s not looked like this for 11 years!

New Global HQ arrived on site….early, that’s the moon top left.

Deck in progress

Deck nearly complete and ready to accept the new HQ, pictured left.

Artists impression of how the finished deck may be utilised….

Of course the shop is still open to take your order, however as you can see there might be a little bit of a delay.

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