A bit of an update

So we were a little overwhelmed by the response to our free postage weekend, and as well as dealing with this we have had a busy ordering period on the lead up to Christmas too which is why you haven;t heard from us in ten or so days!

Anyhow we have completed all but three of the free postage orders which will be done early next week and we have two other orders on our books that need building next week too.

£500 worth of postage receipts (yes really!) and nearly two weeks later we have shipped out over 80 orders, 95% of these orders have been custom made to order, packed and shipped by my own chubby little hands. Around 75 – 80% of the orders contained one or more suits of custom made sails, some of which are pictured below. I’ve worked some silly hours over the last few weeks and really do think I might now deserve a beer or two and perhaps even a day off.



Oh boy am I going to enjoy this beer!!

The shop will be open to take orders whilst I’m in the pub and we’ll be shipping orders right up until the 21st December which will see a UK order delivered in time for Christmas. I think an overseas order probably will not reach you by Christmas now but you never know, we seem to be beaming into the USA at an average of 9 days over the last few weeks but I doubt the good service will last from USPS!

I’m signing out now and I’m off for a beer or three!

Thanks for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts.


An average posting day over the last week or so, Mrs Post loves us!

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