That went well!

So we are here on Monday morning looking at a whole raft of orders, 55 actually, that came in over the weekend during our free shipping offer. It seems that many of you have taken the opportunity to purchase sails (65 suits to be exact), rig kits (16) and lots of other little bits and bats such as DF deck patches and spares for your RC Laser.

Obviously we hadn’t quite expected the response that we have had and it has taken us a little by surprise so here’s how it’ll go down.  Spare parts, deck patches and sticker orders will be gone from here by close of business on Wednesday and then we’ll work our way through the sails and hope to have the majority of them shipped out by the end of next week. I’m not sure we can work any quicker than that but even that timescale puts us well within our usual delivery window.

Thanks for choosing Soch Sails, we’ll be with you just as soon as we’ve gotten our head out of this blender…..

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