Back in Harness

So, after a good ten day break over in the USA racing at their DF95 National Championships we had arrived safely back in the UK and are getting back into the swing of things here. It’s jolly nice to be back at home, but it is certainly a little colder than it was over in Florida.


At the regatta we did ok and placed 9th overall which was a reasonable result, my wingman, Chuck finished 8th with housemates Danny and Steve finishing 11th and 2nd. Some epic social events happened too, with our rental house being the perfect hosting venue for such gatherings.


Having flown back in to Manchester on Tuesday morning we then had a 120 mile drive home to complete before trying hard not to fall asleep until it was actually later then 2100. Wednesday was a disjointed day with a couple of pre planned appointments out of the office, however today has been a super productive day with more than half of our holiday orders shipping out to customers in the USA, Australia and Japan as well as many other locations around the globe.


So we are back, but so are our great rig bags, we’ve been and collected a batch today and they are back on the shop and available here

We have both the DF65 four pocket bags and the DF95 four pocket bags available.

We should have completed almost all our orders by the end of the weekend and we will be prepping our Black Friday deals for you guys to get on board with later next week.

For all your DF65 and DF95 needs remember that the shop is always open.

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