DF95 Nationals Sorted!

So we’ve been beavering away getting our orders out and sorted and this weekend we have been down to Milton Keynes to take part in the DF95 Nationals at Furzton Lake.

A superb weekend with plenty of good breeze and loads of sunshine making the whole event a real pleasure to be at. We placed 12th at close of play, I had some good races and a few bad ones but ultimately I sailed consistently enough to not have any large scores to drop when the discards came around. The age old problem of practice comes to mind and if I want to progress any further I think I need to do some more regular sailing.

DF95 Nats Tim

Tim with “Shiny Blue 99” – Photo Sue Brown

With everyone using either B or C suits this wekend we were again pleased to see that many of the skippers were using Soch Sails as their weapons of choice, along with many skippers choosing to add our hull & deck sticker sets so that they could identify their boats in the busy fleets. My own boat really popped in the sunlight and Sue Brown got some really great photos, you can check them out by clicking the link here

We’ve been asked a couple of times for a replication of our shiny sticker sets as shown above and we will add something to the website over the next couple of days with some options.

We have also been asked a lot about our Stealth sails for the DF65 and we have now added these to the online shop  so you can get your hands on a set should you wish to. We are supplying them as numbered sets with corners, luffs and numbers in whatever combination you want.  If we can do it, we surely will!


Stealth DF65 A suit

Other than that we are still sending lots of goodies down to RC Yachts, so if you are thinking of purchasing a boat and want some of our kit with it then Mike is the man to speak to, and if you need a sticker set pronto in the USA we have Chuck at DSNA stocking both DF65 and DF95 sticker sets which he can dispatch in double quick time.


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