We’re back and up to date!

So we had a lovely ten day break in Derbyshire, did lots of exciting things, from riding a steam train to holding 3 day old chicks. Plenty of ice cream was had by all and we returned to a full bag of orders.

Apart from one or two orders which are taking a little longer to fulfill than we’d have hoped it seems that we are very much up to date with lead times for sail orders down to a couple of days for single suit orders.

We have also finally got our DF95 half length sticker sets sorted and up on the shop. We kept being asked for them so we’ve done what was required and engineered a good looking half length sticker set which looks good yet is easier to apply than the full length set. As with our DF65 half sets this one allows you to leave the original DragonFlite 95 decal in situ. Get yours here

DF95 half length sticker set.

Other than that we are now starting our own prep for the DF95 Nationals which take place in early June at Two Islands RYC in the UK, we need some practice as we haven’t sailed the DF95 since Fleetwood at the end of March……… As you’d expect we have a pretty trick sticker set in production at the moment for the event, there will be a reveal sooner or later……

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