RC Laser goodies hit the shop!

Well it’s been raining here and we’ve had a bit of time to get the majority of our RC Laser goodies onto the online shop. We haven’t added any of the RC Laser stuff to the Soch Sails website just yet but we will be adding an information page to the site in the next day or two which will provide a gateway to the shiny new RC Laser shop!


RC Lasers – we do them too and all the spares and bits!

We are really pleased with the responses we’ve had to our new Soch Sails shop, it’s making our lives just that bit easier and it’s encouraging people to place orders from all over the globe. Don’t forget that if you don’t fancy using the online shop you can still just use the contact form or any of the contact info from our Boatyard website and place an order that way. We aren’t fussy about how you order, we just want to build you some spanking good sails for your DF65 and maybe supply you with a set of our awesome hull and deck sticker sets.


Some more sails on their way around the world!

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