Online Shop a go go!

So after months of manually dealing with orders and payments which seems to take an age, we have opened the first section of our online shop. We have limited it to the Soch Sails items we know to be popular however over the next few weeks we will be adding our full DF65 and RC Laser inventory to the shop.

This will allow you to easily select, order and pay for the goodies that you want which will in turn allow us to easily manage the work flow and orders that come in on a daily basis. Today for instance we’ve sent 2 orders to Italy, 1 to Switzerland, 1 to Malta and a couple of domestic ones too.  Six manually dealt with orders takes quite some time so hopefully the new shop will streamline things a little more.

SS Logo

Clicky the logo to take a look at the Soch Sails Shop have a browse and see what you fancy ordering for your DF65!

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