And We’re Off!

That’s it, Thunderbird two is ready for the off. A 6am start tomorrow should see us at the IOM Nationals venue for around 11am. I’ve got the boat, some sails and some batteries, anything I’m missing…..?


Everything but the kitchen sink I reckon!

Good luck to all those competing this weekend, it’s sure to be a giggle, it’s the first IOM Nationals I’ve done and the only IOM event I’ve sailed this year. It’s nice to be able to pitch up at an event with no expectation at all and enjoy it for what it is.  Current forecast suggests the best of the wind on Saturday with lighter stuff on Sunday and Monday although it’s bound to change!


This was Thunderbird 2’s last visit to Lincoln, very civilised it was too!

If you place an order with us over the next few days please don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a response until Tuesday, oh and Scott Mauney, your rig kit is away to you but I keep getting a pingback on your email!

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