An Old Friend Revisited

So, as many of you will know I haven’t had the best of years and as a consequence I’m now trying to cram a years worth of sailing into 4 months. I have managed to get a spot at the UK IOM Nationals taking place in a week or two at Lincoln MYC which looks like being a great event with 84 people entered including a whole heap of World and National Champions, so plenty of competition to go at!

I, on the other hand, have taken my trusty V7 IOM off the piano, where it’s been since the 28th December 2014, and re-commissioned her ready to take on the Nationals. I got her rigged and down to the Marina for some sailing the other day and she goes well with the new sails that we got from our good friends at Graphite just before we laid the boat up.

So with no IOM racing under my belt so far this year I’m off to take on the best in the world with my 7 year old boat, but she does look good and goes well in the light stuff!


Looking good if a little out of practice!

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