Early Bird Specials!

So today we are taking a trip up to Fleetwood to watch the Yachting Monthly Cup which is an amazing event with heaps of history and has been sailed s part of the Vane A Nationals for many years.

I’m also collecting a test vehicle for our panelled sails experiments, I’m quite excited about this boat as it is quite special for a number of reasons, more on that in another post I think.

As well as all that we are racing our DF65 at the Fleetwood club night this evening which should be fun and might see some of the vane sailors have a go!

We had an early start today and by 0800 we’d sorted a suit of sails for delivery to Fleetwood this afternoon and a suit of sails to go out with a DF65 as a birthday present,  just need to book  hotel and get the other 6 orders posted and I’ll be on my way!


Early bird specials!

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