Orders Away & More Testing

Today we’ve sent an order of five A suits of DF65 sails off to a customer far far away, but can you guess where? The clue is in the picture below which shows the suits having a breath of Welsh air before being carefully packed and sent on their way.


Some Sails!

As well as completing this order we found a little time to get down to the marina again and do some sailing, which is always good fun. Today we did some testing on the panelled sails that we gave you a sneaky peek at in the last post. Using the DF65 as a testbed we have been testing our standard single panel A suit sails against a panelled A suit that we have produced. The tuning cycle on the panelled suit is quite different to the single panel suit as the shape is already there with the panelled sails and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve built and the boat does trap on a bit!


Panelled Sails on a DF65…crikey whatever next!

Whilst totally illegal for the DF65 class the panelled sails will do nicely as a B suit on an RG65 and with some further testing we should get some other sails built and on an RG65 soon enough, which means we’ll need an RG65, which probably means we’ll need to build one. Next weeks project sorted then!

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