Racing & Extended Lead Times

Well folks, I hope you’re all in good health. Unfortunately it seems that after a weekend of racing and general mingling with people for the first time in a while I have picked up Covid. The rules in Wales say I need to self isolate for a bit until I get some negative tests then I’m good to go again.

With that in mind I’m not able to go to the post office this week at all and there will be no items heading out the door until early next week.

On the plus side I am able to work from the Soch Sails Skunkwerks based in the back garden of our estate. So, work is progressing on your orders and most of them will be shipped before the middle of next week.

Sorry about that, not much to be done I’m afraid.

The culprit seems to have been my trip to Gosport for the first two rounds of the UK DFTT series. An entirely fun weekend (apart from getting the plague) with some drinking, some racing and lots of catching up with friends both old and new.

Arriving Thursday evening with my co pilot we hit the bar early and had a strong finish when we were kicked out at closing time. Friday wasn’t the best of days weather wise but we had some fun club racing with the DF95 in B rig which was useful as I’d just built a fresh one.

It cleared up later on and we all found ourselves once again at the pub some faired better than others in the Friday night game.

Race day one was looking good with a mix of A and A+ on the 40 DF65’s that raced. I had a stellar day with 199 and took a well deserved third spot after nine races. The pub beckoned once again.

199 looking sporty – Photo Sue Brown

Race day two and the longest day for most of us as it includes a drive home. Time to start the qualifying process for the 2023 DF95 Globals. It seemed that right from the outset I had used up all my talent on Saturday and hadn’t left any for Sunday. At one point I was lying 29th out of the 57 skippers, not great, however I recovered to 16th at the end of the day’s racing which was as much as could hope for I think.

The drive home was pleasant and I’ve found a new dinner spot on the way home which is lovely.

Next stop is Lincoln in a couple of weeks where I can hopefully do a little better with the DF95.

As ever the shop is open 247 to take your order but if you place it between now and Friday please be aware it won’t leave until next week. For those who placed orders through the back half of last week and over the weekend the same applies, although some work did go out on Monday.

Check out some of our recent work below.

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