Busy Times – Production Update.

IOM sails shipping out.

So, we are almost at the end of February, not sure where the month has gone but I’ve spent a lot of it in various workshops listening to some great tunes whilst manufacturing plenty of sails, building RC Laser boats and rigs and packing lots of orders for you guys.

Another productive evening in the Skunkwerks

The IOM sails we posted for sale last night sold within three hours and were numbered and shipped out to a UK skipper this afternoon. We are not far off being almost up to date with our customer orders which is the first time I’ve been able to say that since before Christmas. There are still plenty of trade orders to go at with over 60 rig bags on order and more than 75 suits of sails. There’s no peace for the wicked……

RC Lasers in build.

This post is a little heads up of our movements over the next few weeks so that you can perhaps save yourself a little money on postage.

This week we are closing the workshop on Wednesday evening so I can spend Thursday with Emily and Phoebe before heading South to the Dinghy Show at Farnborough where I’ll be running the activity pool with Mike Weston….how the hell do we end up getting roped into this stuff, I’ll never know but it’s always a giggle. Perhaps a bit late for sail manufacture but if you’re going to be there and need any accessories or RC Laser spares bringing down then please get in touch via the usual channels.

I’m back in the workshop for a week and a half before heading South once again to Gosport on the 11th March. I know there is a good fleet of RC Lasers at the club, if any of you guys want to place an order I can gladly bring it with me and drop it with you over that weekend. It could save some money on larger items like sails. Plenty of time to organise, again get in touch via the usual channels.

Shipping seems to be almost back to normal worldwide which is good, we are now shipping most days rather than once a week so orders are getting manufactured and shipped faster than they were a few weeks ago.

We’ve also had another delivery of DF rig bags and our ever popular transmitter covers, they are in the shop now, get them whilst you can! Clicky here to take a look.

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