Hello World & a Happy Easter to You!

Well, that was a long time coming! Having been locked down here in Wales on and off since last October we were finally allowed to roam around the countryside on Saturday. A huge collective sigh of relief from all involved and England had their lockdown message changed to “Stay Local” on Monday too. It seems that we are, as a collective, heading in the right direction and with further easing on the horizon it might be about time to start getting excited about a condensed sailing season during the back half of the year…..if we can remember what to do with our thumbs!

Looking forward to that second half of 2021 we are booked to do quite a bit and so far have the IOM Nationals, DF65 Nationals and the fully booked DF95 Nationals in the diary. Hopefully I’ll get some time on the water beforehand so I’m not a complete disgrace when I get to the startline!

Soch Sails has been powering along during March with plenty to be getting on with. We had a delivery of 40 more DF rig kits yesterday thanks to our friends at RC Yachts which sees us with great stock levels of all DF65 and DF95 rig kits once again, I’ve even managed to update the shop so that you can purchase them too!

DF Rig kits…we’ve got a few!

Our Soch Sails IOM sails have been heading around the globe too, they are a very different production prospect to our DF sails and I am very much enjoying manufacturing them and the more I produce the more I am honing the production of them. Hopefully I can get out with them and throw myself into some competition before too long.

Soch Sails IOM A suit
Soch Sails IOM B suit

As well as the IOM sails we have been busy in March and have taken and fulfilled just over 100 orders for everything from an RC Laser rudder bush to full suites of DF65 and DF95 sails along with rigs bags, transmitter covers and everything else that we supply. These orders have been winging their way all over the world and in the main have been hitting the mark in reasonable time. We are still having some ongoing shipping issues with Sweden and Germany where customs checks seem to be quite thorough and seemingly time consuming. Whilst we are monitoring shipments to these locations once they leave us there is virtually nothing we can do to speed them along I’m afraid. Patience is key here and what should take a week or two might take four or five but I’m confident that in most cases shipments are arriving where they should……apart from one shipment that should have been going to Palma in Mallorca and seems to have gone via Minsk….in Belarus. It did eventually arrive where it should have!

We are shutting down production for the Easter break and will not now be posting anything until Tuesday 6th April. All our current orders are either in production or have been completed and will be shipped next week.

In the meantime the online shop will remain open 24/7 for you to take a look at.

In the meantime have a happy and healthy Easter and we’ll see you pondside before too long.

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