Crikey it’s June Already!

Ok so it’s apparently June now, in fact it’s well into June and we’re still no closer to Wales lifting it’s prolonged lockdown. We are still here though and we’re ploughing through bucket loads of work.

This morning we have taken delivery of a long awaited RC Laser order, it should have been with us a couple of months back but the container didn’t make it to the ship and there was then a delay. Anyhow, it’s here now and we’ve restocked on almost everything. Tiller arms are not in stock and the bow pulleys turned up with just the case and not the pulley……this will be sorted and back in stock asap. Other than that we have boats, sails, masts, booms etc etc. The RC Laser section of the online shop has been updated. Check it out by clicking here.

Other than that we are continuing to plod on with our workload as it comes through the door. Lots of sails have set off on journeys around the globe with most making destinations in around a month if not a little faster in some cases.

Not much more to report, no sailing, not much prospect of any, still I’ve been paddling a couple of times and there’s a beach buggy rebuild on the go too as well as some horticulture happening back at the homestead.

Stay safe people, it’s a strange old world out there.

If you need any sails or accessories for your DF racing yacht or anything at all for your RC Laser then just click here and take a look at the online shop, meantime here’s some sails we’ve made and shipped recently.

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