We are back!

Well, happy new year to you all. I’ve had an awesome Christmas and New Year break, BBQ Christmas dinner, some nice walks with the dog, a bit of sailing, some gardening, some work around the estate and lots and lots of really lovely family time with my girls.


Christmas morning in the back garden.

I was back in the workshop yesterday to get stuck into the Christmas and NY orders, we have, as of today shipped out all the parts orders and a few suits of sails and we are now cracking into the remaining bundle of sail orders. This should see us into the middle of next week at the earliest.

Any RC Laser parts orders or stock DF item orders that come in over that period will be packed and shipped as they arrive. Our RC Laser stock has taken a battering over the last few weeks so we’ll be replenishing this over the next few weeks to bring us back up to full stock.

It’s not too long before the UK TT series gets underway but before that we have a trip to the toy fair in Nuremberg with John, Mike & Mark to contend with, no doubt there will be a drink or two to be had and maybe more “Ron” stories!!

My new DF65 build is going well, the electrics are now installed and I just need to find a minute to add the winch line and bridle then hopefully I’ll get it on the water on the 19th to make sure it does what it should do before the season kicks off proper.

Other than that all is well…apart from the weather, which appears to be broken again, no doubt I’ll be tasked with building an ark it’s rained so much.

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