New Stuff

Ok, so it’s winter now and we’ve got a bit of time on our hands to be doing that bit of product updating that we’ve been going on about for nearly a year I guess. The reason it has taken a while is that we’ve spent the 2019 season making sure that the stuff we want to sell actually works and is the best it can be.

Anyhow, lots of prototypes later we’ve got four new products to add to our range of stuff. We’ve got three keel and rudder bags and a transmitter cover that we are pleased to present to you. To accommodate these new products we have created a new collection which you’ll find on the shop and it has all our accessory products included to make them easy to find.

New products?….oooh suits you sir!

There have been a few new products added to the clearance page including some old stock DF65 rig bags, there are five of them and when they are gone, they are gone. There are also a couple of prototype transmitter bags and keel bags too.

We’ve also started prepping for next season and we have almost built our new 2020 DF65 raceboat. It comes from the “Wonkaworks” which, like the Mercedes “Skunkworks” takes an ordinary product and makes it extraordinary. You’ll probably have seen the 2019 “Wonkaboat” DF95 and you’ll be unsurprised to find that the 65 follows a similar theme.


Goodies waiting to go into the boat.

It is currently striped and ready for a fit out over the next few days.

There is an incoming RC Laser delivery winging it’s way to us which will restock most of our RC Laser product lines. There are however a few items that are out of stock with our supplier and as such these items may not be restocked anytime soon. We’ll know more when the delivery arrives and keep you posted.

In amongst all of the above we have seen another busy month with online sales doing well. It seems to have been a DF95 month with lots of sails being shipped all over the globe. A quick note on shipping addresses, please, please, please check and double check your shipping address during the order process. We simply cut and paste your shipping address onto our labels so if you get it wrong then we do too. It has happened a couple of times recently and by the time you have informed us it is usually too late to do anything about it as the parcel has been shipped.

Thanks again for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts, I wonder if it might be time to add some other class sails to our inventory, suggestions on a postcard please to the following address.

Tim Boatyard, Abersoch, LL53 7AR. UK

Best postcard gets a prize, something cool, obviously. Closing date December 31st 2019.

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