Nationals Roundup

We’ve now completed both the DF95 and DF65 UK National Championships with varying degrees of success. The DF95 Nationals was held over a windless weekend in Eastbourne which was challenging to say the least. Much concentration later we drove home with a very nice tin pot for finishing second.

Last weekend saw the DF65 Nationals at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes. A great venue where I haven’t always had that much success to be honest. Still off we went and cracked open the racing with first day in A fleet, right up until I dropped to B fleet where it all went a little bit pooh bear. Having made a good start I was second at the top mark and as I sheeted out the winch had declared enough and packed up. I took a score of 36 from that race and found myself back in C fleet. With the winch changed I was back on it again and did the run from C to A fleet first time round and even had a decent result finishing seventh.

Sunday was another tough day where having your rigs set up and ready to go was a real blessing. Unfortunately I had an A rig that had been on the boat once in 2 years and a completely untested B rig. As well as having well set up rigs you also needed to change up or down at the right time, something I was ok with.

Having stayed up in A fleet all day (albeit towards the back end of it) I was yachting to the start for the penultimate race of the weekend when the rudder servo went pop, luckily I was able to get to shore and had some time to replace it before the start of the final race in B fleet. Having recovered to A fleet I took a sixth spot finish in the race and finished the weekend in 12th spot, which was kind of ok I guess given the mechanical issues.

So what next? I’ll miss the RG TT at Watermead this weekend as it is just too far to travel in a day so I guess I have a couple of weekends off before the DF TT lands on the moors at Ilkley, somewhere I enjoy sailing. Then it’s down to Dartmoor if I can find the time in the middle of August, another very cool venue but it is a genuine seven hours in the van.

We’ll catch you pondside sometime soon.

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