Race Time

So when I logged on I was a little surprised that it was more than a month ago since I posted. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. So what have we been up to? Quite a bit as it happens, we’ve been to Birkenhead racing, twice, once with the DF’s and once with the RG’s. Both events were great fun, the DF65 Saturday was trial by crazy weather and it proved a little too much for setting up a brand new C rig on a brand new boat and I was happy with the 8th place finish. The Sunday was a much nicer day and a fifth place finish was just fine.


New rig for Birkenhead, a difficult tuning day!

The RG had it’s second outing having had a rudder swap and a bit of fettling, I must also get a proper swing rig sorted which might improve the light airs performance. The wind built throughout the day and I was pleased to finish the day having not spent too much time upside down and in 6th place. The more I sail the RG the more I’m learning about how to develop the boat.

So we have spent this week producing a monster order for our good friends at RC Yachts which has had a bit of an impact on our orders. We prepped the race truck this morning and will be leaving for Eastbourne tomorrow, Thursday, collecting Chuck from Heathrow on the way down. We’ll be lakeside at Princes Park on Friday for a bit of practice and with a bumper entry of 60 skippers I think it might be a case of getting some good results banked early on before the wind drops out completely.


Race truck prep!

As such we’ll be away now until Monday morning when we’ll be back at the grindstone producing all the orders that we haven’t sorted this week. The shop will be open to take any order you care to place and I imagine by the end of next week we’ll have our backlog shifted……… Then we’ll be into prep for the DF65 Nationals at Two Islands RYC over the weekend of 1st and 2nd June.

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