We are back!

Well, as experiences go that rates as one of the best of all time. A trip to China to visit the Joysway Factory followed by a couple of nights in Hong Kong. I’ve had my mind well and truly blown, met some crazy people, been looked after like a king and stayed in possibly  one of the best hotels in Dongguan City and possibly one of the worst in Hong Kong. Both were interesting for totally different reasons!


View from the 11th floor in Dongguan, this is basically what the whole of Shenzen looks like.

The Joysway element of the trip was really very cool and was the main reason for the trip. Seeing where and how the DF Racing products are manufactured was a real eye opener with a mix of 21st century technology blended seamlessly with 1950’s hand assembly lines. What was great to see was just how much that the company does in house, for instance they produce all their own moulds for both injection moulding and blow moulding in the dedicated toolmaking shop. They outsource the production of the ballast weights and fins but they are produced in Joysway made moulds.


Joysway produced moulds for blow moulding of boat hulls.

There was a whole heap of other stuff going on too all of which we were openly shown around, from moulding shop to warehouse, taking in production, design, R&D and loads of other stuff too.

Hong Kong was the total opposite to the private dining rooms of China, the best way to describe Kowloon is simply awesome but really tiring all at the same time. We stayed pretty much bang in the centre of Kowloon in the Chungking Mansions, look it up on the interweb its about as diverse a place as you’ll ever wander in to. It rained a bit and it was mainly misty until Sunday when it brightened up a bit and we made it up to the top of HK Island on the tram……..another experience!


View from the top of Hong Kong Island.

All too quickly it was time to return home and an early start from Heathrow on Monday morning saw us back at base in North Wales by mid afternoon. Tuesday was taken up by a chunk of catch up admin and we finally got to our orders this morning. We’ve nailed most of the non sail orders and should be through the backlog by mid next week, just before we trot down to Gosport for rounds 3 & 4 of the DF Racing TT Series.


Orders away today.


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