Day Out

So we’re getting through our big orders in a slightly different way and as well as producing more than 50 suits of sails for these orders we have also fulfilled 35 of our 36 retail orders that we have taken this month. Not too shabby we think.

Anyhow we are having a day out tomorrow, early start for a 05.44 train to Manchester and then off to the Chinese visa place to get me a visa for a trip to China next month to visit the Joysway factory with Mike Weston & John Tushingham…..exciting times indeed.

Earlier last month we took a 7 hour round trip to do some IOM racing up on the moors at Weecher, it was forecast to be breezy and indeed it was, a healthy field turned out for a chilly day of superb racing. After a blistering start to the day I clearly had too much lunch and could have done with a snooze which led to a mediocre afternoon so I was pleased to finish in second spot, only missing top spot by two points. Tushy was PRO for the day and when he wasn’t getting in the way on the startline he took a couple of really nice shots of my boat, sporting a very nice, and quite quick,  number three suit by our own Soch Sails.

We also had couple of good days at West Lancs at the beginning of February and after a day of being Race Officer on Saturday I was stoked to place third in Sunday’s DF95 racing. Bad news however as there was an accident with my great Stars & Stripes boat which took a tumble out of the back of the car in a bid for freedom and has sustained some damage. Being as that is my original DF95 from waay back when I have treated myself to a new hull which I’ll be building up over the next couple of weeks along with a set of new rigs, having given all my old ones away in Dallas. As per usual it’ll be difficult to get away with a cheeky early startline, but I think it’ll look….well…..different!

So, the shop is open as usual for all your sail and accessory needs, we’ll have more rig bags online soon, production is in full swing and we’re back to blue bags which is cool, we like blue! We’ll also be launching a couple of new items in the shop over the next few weeks, mainly accessories for your DF yachts to keep them a shiny and bright.

Please see below for a small selection of the last weeks work.

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