Christmas Greetings!

Well it’s Christmas Eve and we’ve had a couple of days off with the family and have spent lots of quality time together, which is lovely.

It’s this time of year when we reflect on what’s we’ve achieved over the last 12 months and start to look forward to the next 12.

We still really enjoy making sails, producing sticker sets and all the other cool stuff that we do, however none of this would make any sense without you guys and gals out there who send us your orders for what we love to do.

Thank you, it means a lot that you’d choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yacht, or one of our sticker sets to pimp your boat.

We are looking forward to bringing you some more cool and useful products in 2019.

Enjoy your festive season with family and friends. Us, well we’re cranking up the bbq early tomorrow and will be smoking a brisket for a Texas bbq Christmas!

See you all in 2019.

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