Did you miss me?

Happy New Year, yes I know it’s very nearly the end of January but we’ve been crazy busy here at Soch Sails HQ with one thing or another and even though I’ve meant to sit down and write a bit so you guys know I’m ok and still alive, I have just been cracking on with loads of fun orders during January.

I’ve reached a point this afternoon where I have completed all but one big order for one of our trade customers which consists of 40 ish suits of sails, 50 odd sticker sets, patch sets etc etc so that’ll keep me busy next week!

So what news? Well not a huge amount to be honest, I’ve found some new laminate material which I’ve been testing and have found it to be pretty good for the DF65 C suit, I’ve not tried it in any other sizes but it should work for DF95 C and D suits as well.  I’ll get them up on the shop as soon as I have a spare minute or two.


Laminate C suit

We’ve sent a good selection of goodies all over the globe this month from patch sets to numbers, sails and rig bags. We have also seen some of the new style DF65 rig kits trickle into stock, still no A+ rig kits but A, B and C are all available with the new style booms and head fitting. We also have a number of DF95 rigs in stock, I’m looking at a tube which should have the majority of the parts to make up B rig kits for the DF95, when I’ve checked I’ll pop them back on the shop.

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails recently from customers who have bought goodies from us and wanted to let us know that their boats looked pretty cool with the new goodies, gold spangly sticker sets on a DF65 and DF95 were particular favourites along with a suit of “stealth” dayglo orange DF65 sails a customer has teamed with a new orange coloured hull from the USA, very understated as you can imagine!



As well as being super busy sending out our products to all corners of the globe we have recently found a little time to begin our journey into paneled sails and after much reading, tea, head scratching, more tea, some drawing and measuring we have produced our first suit of Soch Sails IOM sails which look pretty nice.  A long way to go with this journey but next stop is getting them measured to make sure they comply to the class rules, then we can get them bent on and out sailing somewhere soon.


IOM A suit awaiting measurement.

I haven’t done much racing recently but the DF65 winter series at West Lancs YC is providing some fun racing every other week and it makes up a whole weekend next weekend as the DF Racing UK 2018 TT series kicks off at the club. I’m doing my first bit of race officering on Saturday for the DF95’s which should be fun with nearly 30 entries so far for both days.

Just some advance warning about a planned shutdown sometime in February. We are hoping to swap offices once more as we require more space so there will be no production for a week or so whilst this happens. We aren’t sure when it’ll be just yet but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.


An office…on a boat….in a boatyard, I love “HMS Treehouse” but it just isn’t big enough anymore.

As usual, the shop is open 24 hours to take your order and we are operating on a 24 – 48 hour turn around time for all orders at the moment, a nice place to be!

Thanks for continuing to choose Soch Sails to power your DF Racing yachts, hopefully we’ll be able to power some of your other yachts soon!

Some pictures of some recent work below.

A+ anyone?

DF65 Selection

DF95 Selection

“Stealth” Selection

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