Up to Date

So we rolled back into the office on Monday morning with a total of 35 orders which had been placed whilst we were away on holiday (which was really good by the way!) with a remit to get them all out of the door before the end of the week.


Out for a trundle during storm Brian with Phoebe.

As I write this at 18.42 on Thursday evening we have completed and sent 95% of those orders. We have a suit of sails awaiting a number and we have two suits of sails awaiting A plus rig kits that will be with us tomorrow.

So there are lots of goodies on their way to customers all over the globe, sails, sticker sets, rig kits, rig bags, patches, you name it, we’ve sent it this week.

Just a few of the suits of sails we’ve made this week.

As we are here to help with your requirements and the shop is open 24 hours to take your order. We will be going away again on Friday the 3rd November and will not be returning until the 15th November. A bit of a late season event at Lincoln and then another epic roadtrip to the USA for the DF95 National Championships.

If you are in the USA and need anything taking to the regatta please let us know in plenty of time so we might get it sorted and packed for you.

However if you need anything in the meantime please bear the above in mind.


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