Rigs bags back in stock…but be quick!

We had a busy month in August, lots of Soch Sails goodies going all over the place as usual however August is traditionally our busiest month at the Boatyard and we haven’t done any website updating or even any sailing in the last 6 weeks.

However we have had some more of our popular rig bags produced and they are back up on the shop.  W don’t have many of the DF95 bags available, but we do have good stock of the DF65 bags which now sport four pockets and can hold all of the rigs for a DF65, from A+ to C.  We do have a couple of three pocket DF65 rig bags still available, if you want one of these please get in touch.

We are now starting to gear up for the DF65 Nationals here in the UK which happen towards the end of September on the South Coast at Eastbourne. Hopefully we’ll get some practice in over the next week or two….

If you need any DF sails or goodies please check out the shop, it’s open even when we are asleep!

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