We’ve moved…again…but not really!

So nearly two years ago now I kind of had to abandon the Boatyard to look after the family whilst Emily dealt with her Leukaemia treatment. During that time I have built up the Soch Sails business whilst working from a small unit we have out in the back garden.

It has been great, it has allowed me to be close to Emily and Phoebe over the last 12 months and I have very much enjoyed working close to home. However those that know me will know that I’m quite a social sort of a chap and I have missed the interaction with both friends and customers alike.

Emily and I had a chat over Christmas and we have both decided that I should go back to the boatyard. This is great news for both of us, Emily feels ready to be a little more independent and I can get back to the boatyard where I think I belong!

After catching up on our Christmas sail orders over the last week I have taken the last few days to clear out my old office, which incidentally is on a boat, and convert it into a great new sail loft where we can take the Soch Sails brand into 2017 whilst being on hand to deal with the boatyard side of the business and help out when I’m needed.


Top – Office, Bottom – Sail loft with a view

On Monday morning I’ll be jumping in the van and heading to “actual” work which will be something I haven’t done for some time, I’m quite looking forward to it. You can get me on the office number 01758 713900, my mobile 07884 078098, by email and you can visit the shop and place an order there.

Happy 2017!

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