I’ve Forgotten to do an Update…Sorry!

Evening All, I’ve just checked the website and realised that it has been almost a month since I last let you know where we are up to. In fact it was just before the IOM Nationals when we posted our last update.

So lets start there shall we, I collected my finished Vision IOM on Friday afternoon and did some last minute race tuning with the No.2 rig up at Weecher with John Tushingham and Phil Playle and was pleased with my new steed. Over the course of the three day event I managed a brief visit to A fleet but spent most of my time in B and C fleets which, for my first IOM event of 2016 and with an out of the box boat, I was pretty pleased with. Overall I was 30th which is top half of the fleet. More IOM sailing required over the winter months I think.


There were some who didn’t reckon my colour choice was correct, I reckon it’s great!

We then came home to another raft of orders which have kept us busy until now really. More orders have gone out to all corners of the globe to lots of happy customers, from deck patch sets to DF65 sails, and sticker sets to rig bags we’ve sent it all on its way! Our online shop has been open now for a year and to celebrate we reckon we might run a competition in October, keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Some of this months sails

Some stickers too!

We haven’t done much sailing since the IOM Nationals until yesterday when we took a trip up to Fleetwood with the DF95 squad. Having not had the boat on the water since June sometime I wasn’t expecting much but it seemed that I had my trim there or thereabouts for most of the day and recorded a third place finish after 14 races which was pretty cool. img_1536

Timtanic Too looking good.

I think that brings you just about up to date, looking ahead we are approaching the winter months and perhaps you need a C suit for your DF65 or even a C & D suits for your DF95, if this is the case please remember to order early and you’ll have your sails well in advance of any hairy weather!

We are off out to the USA to compete in the DF65 and DF95 National Championship Regattas for ten days towards the end of October and then we’ll need some sleep before the UK Nationals on the first weekend of November. There will be a two week period where there will be no production happening…please be aware!

If you need anything in the meantime, you know where to look! – www.sochsails.online

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