It’s the weekend, time to relax…oh wait..nope!

So here we are, Friday evening, 22.30 and we’ve just completed the days work which has included 6 suits of DF sails, some hull and deck stickers and a heap of other cool stuff for DF65’s.  We reached a point the other day where we needed a bag to transport the orders to the post office which is the first time we’ve been so productive!


Orders Away!

We have a couple of boats to finish for an overseas customer over the weekend and then we can turn our attention to our trip away to the US DF65 Nationals over in Dallas. I’ll need a boat some sails and a colour scheme, I’m sure there are plenty of cool ideas out there but I’m going for something a bit patriotic I think, not too much of a clue but……..


UK / USA patriotism at its finest!

Not sure about the hull yet, I have both black and white boats available and lots of vinyl but I think I might keep it simple this time, who knows.

With the impending trip away the shop will still take your order but please do not expect any products to be shipped after Tuesday 27th October and again before Tuesday 3rd November. The confirmation email you get when you place your order will tell you the same.

Happy sailing!

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