RC Laser Nationals, a jolly weekend away!

So a super early dart on Friday morning didn’t quite turn out as planned when just 10 miles from my destination the M25 ground to a halt and I sat in the same place for nearly 4 hours!  Hey ho, destination reached eventually, camp made and a beer or two had before getting up on Saturday morning to a very light breeze.


Breakfasted and ready for the off with an A rig set the day didn’t get off to the best of starts with my lack of stick time letting me down. After lunch however I reset the rig completely and found the sweet spot and scored no less than four second places during the afternoon session which found me sitting 5th overnight.


Some good social after the sailing took us through Sunday morning when the wind had made a 90 degree shift and increased in strength but wasn’t anything to bother the A rig until mid morning when a few people changed down to the B rig and were promptly followed by the rest of the fleet and that was the way it stayed for the rest of the day as the breeze continued to build. I carried on where I’d left off on Saturday and scored a few more solid finishes along with a few not so solid ones!

At the end of play I’d climbed a place during Sunday and finished the event in 4th place behind local skippers Jamie Blair and Adrian Tomlinson with Dave Fowler taking the top spot. A reasonable result considering how little time I’ve had with the boat this year.

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